• Aspro

    Commercial Removal


    Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) and

    Carbon Build Up

    Commercial Removal of

    Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) and

    Carbon Build Up

Our Mission

Aspro is the FOG specialist. Our mission is to provide kitchens and bakeries with our innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to remove Fats, Oil, Grease and Carbon build up.

Before and After Comparison

Exhaust Filter Cleaning

Exhaust Filter Cleaning

Exhaust filter before and after cleaning through our certified process.

Baking Rack Cleaning

Baking Rack Cleaning

Baking rack before and after cleaning through our certified process.

Various Items Cleaning

Various Items Cleaning

Various kitchen items before and after cleaning through our certified process.


Aspro Systems Corp. provides comprehensive removal services of fats, oil, grease and carbon build up

  • Hood Cleaning

    Hood Cleaning

    When a duct system is cleaned regularly the chance of a duct fire is dramatically reduced

    Aspro will provide a comprehensive duct inspection and cleaning service tailored to meet your specific requirements. You won’t have to worry about your next cleaning. Aspro will work with you to organize a schedule for future cleanings and then take responsibility for managing the follow-up.
  • Baking Rack

    Baking Rack

    Aspro is a heated soak tank for removing Carbon build up and cleaning of FOG from metal and aluminum kitchen equipment and range hood filters - all without scrubbing
  • Grease Trap Program

    Grease Trap Program

    Installation of grease trap interceptor pump
    Aspro Grease Trap Inceptor Treatment: supplied regularly as needed
    Pump-outs: Twice annually
  • Hand Sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer

    Aspro Hand Sanitizer Program

    1 hand sanitizer dispenser
    1 refill per month
    Aspro will clean pots and pans as needed on a weekly, semi monthly, or monthly time span as part of our package (different packages are available).
  • Soap Dispenser

    Soap Dispenser

    Aspro Dispenser and Soap Refill Program

    6 soap dispensers
    6 soap refills per month


Benefits of Aspro Systems

We Will Save You Money On

  • Hood Filters
  • Sheet Pans
  • Stainless Pans
  • Hood Cleaning
  • Sauté Pans
  • Oven Racks & Inserts
  • Grill Racks
  • Electricity Costs
  • Small Wares
  • Ceramics

Germ Free

  • Anaerobic Bacteria Free
  • Aerobic Bacteria Free
  • Salmonella Bacteria Free
  • Staphylococcus Areus Free
  • E. Coli Negative
  • Listeria Negative

Saving Energy

  • Reduces water consumption
  • Improves eficiency of gas rings and jets for more even cooking and lower gas bill
  • Protects and increases the life of kitchen cookware through regular cleaning
  • Decreases the risk of fire through regular cleaning of hood vents
  • Increases kitchen hygiene from elimination of carbon and other food deposits on cookware
  • Reduces bills for cleaning chemicals